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My wedding emotion” is the web site of Jacques Mateos. French photographer based in Paris, France, who specializes in wedding, pre wedding, honeymoon, bridal and portrait photography where you ask me to go. Even if i live in Paris, i moved to Playa Del carmen, Tokyo, Rome, Hong Kong, Canada, Bruges, Morocco, Chicago, Amsterdam, London, Guatemala, Switzerland…

I offer a style of contemporary photography influenced by photojournalism and fashion editorials. The basic difference with the photo you can see everywhere is i don’t require my clients to make formal posing, i have my own approach to help them achieve more relaxed and natural photos allowing to do more quickly even if i choose the angle for the light and the background. The easy way to do it….
I was born in Paris, i live in Paris, my wife want to see the tower every day. I am condemned to life to stay in Paris. This website is really dedicated to Wedding, pre wedding photoshoot or honeymoonIf you have the project to shoot in a chateau you can check out our page about a photoshoot in a chateau in France…You can check out also the site dedicated to your photographer in Paris, with specially lifestyle and natural photoshoot here, more oriented to casual and informal couple or family photos. If you would like me to cover your wedding after your pre wedding or engagement in Paris, i advise you check out my dedicated website for wedding 

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Intimate wedding at Le Meurice Palace

A great intimate wedding at le Meurice, Paris. Today is the big day of Nanako and Nicolas. Their two families cale from France and Japan to celebrateView full post »

intimate wedding at Norway embassy

Tammy and Tor came from Norway for their intimate wedding at Norway Embassy in Paris. The celebration take place at the embassy for an officialView full post »

the white session

A white overcast sky for this pre wedding in Paris. We started early morning  just after the rain, Monie and Elwin was very positive and optimistic,View full post »

pre wedding in Santorini

My first pre wedding at Santorini island, you can imagine i was very excited to go there. Specially with a nice team composed by Froni for the makeView full post »

Honeymoon in Paris

A few days in Paris for their honeymoon session. Yuri and Satoshi came from Japan to spend a few moments with me and to keep memories of their loveView full post »

pre wedding in Paris

Kana and Toby came from Vancouver, where i met them during a wedding i covered. They choosed Paris for this photoshoot to celebrate their engagementView full post »

pre wedding in Loire Valley, chateau de Chenonceau

Another couple, another Chateau….but in Loire Valley for this session. R&A are native from Shangai, in love with France, the wine, theView full post »

pre wedding at Chateau de Chantilly

I had the opportunity to shoot several sessions for the pre wedding of Brenda and Sam. These photographies comes from the one we did in Chateau deView full post »

pre wedding in Paris, a day with an overcast light

The session for the pre wedding started very early, as usual, but under a very overcast sky, cloudy , wet… to summarize it was not optimum andView full post »

Elopement in Paris, american church

Today i have the chance to shoot again at the American church Paris, the couple comes from Japan for their elopement in Paris. I arrived for theView full post »

elegant afternoon in Paris

Cindy wanted something natural and elegant for their birthday… they took pre wedding photos in Paris 10 years ago… and then they areView full post »

pre wedding in Rome for Yuki & Eric

After Paris we met again for a photoshoot in Rome, the temperature was higher and the sky blue.. or almost.. the rain start to fall a bit just toView full post »

A touch of class by night in Paris

A great couple for a a very chic session in Paris. Renee and Christian like posing and after several cities, they choose to come in Paris for theirView full post »

Sunrise in Paris for their honeymoon

Zahida & Zach came from Malaysia to enjoy a Sunrise in Paris. Their idea was to be on site really early for the first sunbeam. From what iView full post »

result of Fearless 25 round

The chance is great, yesterday i decided to feature the intimate wedding of Adrianne and Ehab and today we receive the result of the round 25 ofView full post »

pre wedding in santorini

Please ask for more details and rates using the Contact tab in the menu.View full post »

They elope in Paris, they jumped the broom

They came from Atlanta, USA, to celebrate their marriage in Paris. They decided jointly with Pierre Henri Therond, the celebrant fromView full post »

Night session in Paris

Nina and Dmitry cam in Paris for their wedding honeymoon and  planned 2 photoshoot with me:  one night session very late and another by daylight veryView full post »

Love session in Paris

Nossya & Siafri came from Indonesia for their post wedding session. A honeymoon photoshoot started with the traditional dress, i like speciallyView full post »

Pre wedding in the clouds

Felicia and Kenny came from Singapore with their parents for a travel in Paris. To take the photos for their pre wedding was a very good opportunity.View full post »

Sweet early morning for an autumn sunrise

For their pre wedding in Paris Jennyfer & Michael decided to start very early to avoid people and tourist. Just to talk to the pigeons and thenView full post »

intimate wedding in paris

Although i shoot currently intimate wedding or elopement in Paris, i feature more pre wedding or honeymoon on this website, to day i want to shareView full post »

pre wedding for the princess

As soon as i have seen Jody i thought about a princess.. smiling, she is always happy. Happy to be in Paris, happy to get married soon with Kelvin,View full post »

session in Provence, pre wedding part II for Debra & Adrian.

The photoshoot in Provence has been organized after the session in Paris. Just a jump by flight to Marseille and we rent a car for moving to Aix enView full post »

Joanna & Felix, singing in the rain…

What a day for a pre wedding, even in Paris (you know the most romantic city over the world……. to say it was rainy is under what you canView full post »

Intimate wedding in Paris

Whytney & Adam flew from USA for their elopement in Paris. A very intimate wedding started in a very cosy appartement for the getting ready, aView full post »

Corri & Michael, 法国婚纱摄影, pre wedding in Paris

Thank you to Corri & Michael for coming from Singapore andf or having a pre wedding session in Paris with me. A very inspired couple, and thenView full post »

Pre wedding in Paris for Katie & Paul

A pre wedding in Paris, funny and romantic, what an amazing couple; smiling, jumping, allways ready for exploring.  It was a photoshoot in 2 part,View full post »

fearless photographers in France

3 awards with Fearless photographers…

In the wedding industry landscape “Fearless photographers” takes a special place. Talented and motivated people works a lot to produceView full post »

Sharon & Alex on the Amélie Poulain track

This is the second part of the Sharon & Alex pre wedding photoshoot in Paris. With a final target: to have pics (an also a breakfast) in theView full post »

pre wedding in Provence, Charlotte and the poppies

Charlotte and Fai come from Hong Kong for a different pre wedding session. Initially the idea was to be in the lavender field, at least, but thisView full post »

Pre wedding in Paris, Sharon & Alex

I meet again Sharon & Alex for their pre wedding photoshoot in Paris. I had the chance to meet them and to take photos in Hong Kong. It was aView full post »

Fashion photoshoot

Katie & Paul came from Hong Kong. They choosed Paris for their pre wedding photo shoot, in 2 parts. Remember the first romantic photoshoot withView full post »

pre wedding in Paris early and with rain….

A pre wedding in Paris needs to be well organized, specially if you want to avoid to have people in the background ruining your photos, which is veryView full post »

Post wedding session in Hong Kong

Very happy to come back in Hong Kong for one week, as soon as i arrived i meet again Amy & Sean for their post wedding session. They choosed aView full post »

Pre wedding in Paris

A pre wedding in Paris for Zoe & Jimmy coming from HK. A few hours in the morning (cloudy and not very enthousiastic) to walk in some famousView full post »

romance under the rain in Paris

Terence and Ricky choosed to come in Paris during winter to celebrate their wedding and to make the pre wedding session. The temperature can be veryView full post »

Love story after wedding for Nina & Dmitry

The second session with Nina and Dmitry was by daylight. But.. it was the day after the night session and believe me it’s very difficult toView full post »

pre wedding photos at sunset

Carmen and Lan was very motivated to shoot their pre wedding session in Paris during evening. I proposed to start a few minutes before the sunset toView full post »

pre wedding in Loire Valley, Chateau de Chenonceau

I was very happy and excited to have the opportunity to move to Loire Valley to make a pre wedding with Jennet and Ivan. I have been in the areaView full post »

day and night session for Anabella pre wedding

Anabella and Ivan came from Macau and decided to make their pre wedding travel in Paris. They choose a special day because it was a day off and earlyView full post »

Paris in February for a pre wedding

A pre wedding session in Paris is quite classical but in Frebruary, for sure it’s different. Kate & Edgar took the risk.. and then..View full post »

Engagement in the fog, Eiffel as a ghost

a Pre wedding in Paris, ok.. but in the fog it’s a very interesting experience. Natasha and John came in Paris for their photoshoot before theView full post »

elopement on a boat

Elena & Alexandre came from Russia for an nice elopement, a very intimate wedding because we were  on a boat. The place place to enjoy Paris fromView full post »

pre wedding in Paris and Giverny

Hilda & Sam come from Hong Kong for their pre wedding photoshoot in Paris. We did not go to the iconic spot of Paris but to the neighbour i goView full post »



photos of the engagement session in Paris or any where

Love session

Photoshoot done several weeks, months or even years after the wedding...

night session

Photo shoot by dusk or by night with available light or flash system.

photo contest

My awarded photos from the most known contest for wedding and couples

pre wedding hong kong

Session done in Hong Kong for pre wedding and families

pre wedding in paris

Session done before the wedding in nice places or areas, very often in Paris

pre wedding in provence

Photos from South of France in lavender or poppies Fields