pre wedding in Paris, a day with an overcast light

The session for the pre wedding started very early, as usual, but under a very overcast sky, cloudy , wet… to summarize it was not optimum and to be fully honest we were hopping for a nice sunrise. Ririn and Idra came from Indonesia and thought the temperature could be… let say, good. This year was not predictable and instead of that it was a bit cold. Nevertheless Idra was wearing a summer dress and in case of strong Sun, Idra planned to have a hat. Very very usefull, specially when it started to rain. The pre wedding was organised in 2 parts: with daylight and a night session, to stay positive (always!) the ground turned goldy and shiny and the photos at The Louvre are just amazing. A big thank you to Idra and her butterfly dress, it’s a nice memory when we played with it…




jacques mateos, pre wedding photographer in paris

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