Photoshoot in a chateau in France

French castles (we say chateau in french) are famous all over the world and one the most requested is to shoot in a chateau in France. Mainly the chateau are in south west and center along The river “la Loire”  and probably you know the name of “Loire valley”, but some or the nicest are very close to Paris, we don’t speak about Chateau de Versailles which is a special case. For example the chateau de  Chantilly or chateau d’Esclimont are becoming more and more famous. But may be castles of the Loire valley are more known, the castle of Chenonceau, for example.

pre wedding at chateau de chenonceau in loire valley

A nice pre wedding at Chateau de Chenonceau for example or a great session at Chateau de Chantilly close to Paris

pre wedding photo chateau chenonceau-01

Oldest castles we have in France had been built during the medieval times, more recent had been achieved during the nineteenth century. Some castles had been built by kings, and some of them already belong to the french government. Chantilly, for example had been realized for our last royal family in the nineteenth century and already belong to the french government. While the construction of Chenonceau began in the sixteenth century, for a rich family and it’s already the property of a upper middle class family. This castle is famous more over for its bridge over the Cher river. The castle of Esclimont is also from the Renaissance period and also belong to a rich family, but it’s closer to Paris than Chenonceau even if less famous. 

pre wedding photo chateau chenonceau-14

About the photoshoot you have to keep in mind some basic rules: It’s always difficult or forbidden to shoot inside the Chateau (Versailles). It’s easier in private Castle instead of property of the government (Chenonceau against Versailles for example). Sometimes the rate for the copyright can be be very high (like Chambord). You can imagine that each is a different case and depending on your project.

photo de mariage chateau de chantilly

photo at chateau de chantilly

Then depending on your project for your couple session starting from Paris we can propose different Chateaux and packages including Paris or not (like a night session in Paris to have something different).

Have a look in to this session: pre wedding in Loire Valley, chateau de Chenonceau. In one full day we have time to organise the session in Loire Valley (with arrival the day before) , to come back to Paris for an amazing night session. If you prefer to go and back the same day, it’s feasible but we will start to shoot around 10 am.

Anyway, ask us for more details, rates and organization.