pre wedding for the princess

As soon as i have seen Jody i thought about a princess.. smiling, she is always happy. Happy to be in Paris, happy to get married soon with Kelvin, just happy… then it’s very nice an deasy to shoot a pre wedding for a couple like them. Always open when i propose something, like the kiss in between the wood house. Do not hesitating to embrace in th emiddle of the crowd, finally the girls looked to Jody… we closed the session at La Défense, it was nearly midnight and i had in my mind a shot with Grande Arche in the background. But the wind was not planned, an incredible wind to walk on this bridge going to .. no where. Just to increase the difficulty, the rain start to fall, the wind to go up. You can imagine the way to come back: rain, wind, freezing temperature…

but L O V E… here we go !

  • Rene' Comer - LOVE LOVE LOVE them standing still in the middle of everyone who is walking! The blur on the pedestrians is a very nice touch. Great job 🙂August 28, 2014 – 9:50 pm

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