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I mean wedding emotion !

version for mobile of “My wedding emotion” is the web site of Jacques Mateos. French photographer based in Paris, France, who specializes in wedding, pre wedding, honeymoon, bridal and portrait photography where you ask me to go. Even if i live in Paris, i moved to Playa Del carmen, Tokyo, Rome, Hong Kong, Canada, Bruges, Morocco…

I offer a style of contemporary photography. I am influenced by photojournalism and fashion editorials. The basic difference with the photo you can see everywhere is  i don’t require my clients to pose formally , i have my own approach to help them achieve more relaxed and natural photos. You think it’s posed but no, it’s not.
I was born in Paris, i live in Paris, my wife want to see the tower every day. I am condemned to life to stay in Paris. This website is really dedicated to Wedding, pre wedding photoshoot or honeymoon…You can check out also the site dedicated to your photographer in Paris, with specially lifestyle and natural photoshoot here, more oriented to casual and informal couple or family photos. If you would like me to cover your wedding after your pre wedding or engagement in Paris, i advise you check out my dedicated website for wedding 

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